sunset girl

3 months ago we lost Roxy and in turn got a little bit lost ourselves. Sounds a bit silly but she truly was our heart and soul and when she left us she left a hole that’ll probably never get filled, but here we are remembering all the good things. She was and will be for a little while a great mascot for the business and as such is massively memorialized on our studio frontage, she makes the place cool and in her classy little way is now helping us meet new dogs and make new memories for other families.


She was the epitome of a family dog, loved the company of whoever would sit still long enough for her to climb up on, but throughout an evening she’d move between laps and make sure everyone got a little love, and each of us secretly believes that she loved us the best. That thing about unconditional love, that was ROXY, always there to greet us when we got home or at the door to say goodbye on the rare occasion she couldn’t come with us. Here’s Fabi home sick with strep throat or something with ROXY doing her job as she saw it.


She taught us so much, helped us understand how important what we do is and ultimately prompt me to an apology, I didn’t know how much it hurts to lose your heart dog, so to anyone who’s been there, that I’ve not been as sympathetic as I might have been, I’m sorry.

On a happy note here’s a really cool new product that one of our labs has just started offering, super dimensional with a focus on the important part of the picture (photo by Rich Hart BTW). This is the big version there’s some very cool smaller versions that we’ll show you when you get here.

ROXY in a very cool new wall display






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