basset hounds at play

The new addition to the basset hound pack is causing some consternation

So today we’ll take a look at three different shoots we did with mini basset hound packs, all were different in what we wanted to get to as finished artwork and in how we had to approach each shoot.In case you’re not familiar with Basset Hounds they are big dogs (just close to the ground so’s you don’t notice) and they are super stubborn, basically bassets sweet as they normally are do what they want. That’s a fun proposition but when you have more than 1 in a session things are guaranteed to be interesting.


First shoot was unusual in that there’s no humans involved their mom just wanted mages of the dogs. W e can do that, but having a human “anchor” helps the dogs settle in and in this case literally hold the young female playful addition to the pack in place.

basset hound with ears out and flat on the floor

Here’s the youngster in a quiet moment

In this case my strategy was to let them play and see what we could get, in the manner of family a candid style of portraiture. I love the images we made, I think the expression on the older hound’s face in the first image above and the controlling ear grab below captured the dynamic of the pack at that point in time.


3 basset hounds young play

Could the youngster be more annoying


The next shoot was a pure family portrait session, the X factor was that one of the bassets was bit of a Nervous Nellie. But the human anchors were present and things went quite nicely.

4 basset hounds with their humans on a couch

First family shot in the session, I always try to make the first few images as perfect as possible before any nerves kick in

We always make sure that the dogs have visited the studio before the shoot so we know about, and can head off any problems that might be in store. In this case the nerves were a little surprising, bassets are normally very self possessed. However, best practice in my opinion is always to get a great family shot before someone decides to try and head for the hills. Worst case you’ve got a great family portrait and even if we can’t produce a really varied selection of images that we like to make, it’s not been a wasted trip and the family portrait is in the bag and destined for the wall.

4 basset hounds and their family in a portrait

I like my family portraits unusual and a bit more revealing of the family dynamics at play

Even with the basset wrestling that went on we finally got relaxed and made the portrait I wanted to make. I love the pose of the front hound, the fact that all the others are looking at the camera and the humans are having fun, NAILED IT! What do you think.


Belongs to IDA, a repeat offender at the studio and safe to say a basset hound addict. We love IDA and theft that she’s a great supporter of the BASSET HOUND RESCUE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

IDA knew what to expect and her dogs were perfect.

4 basset hounds with their owner

I had to pay them each $20 to pose as perfectly as that. Kidding treats did it.

Staying with the picture perfect theme, I couldn’t have asked for a better quartet of basset hounds to photograph, sometimes (often) you just get lucky.

4 bassets on a couch

Getting lucky with 4 bassets sitting on a couch looking at the camera

Now the only thing we had to be careful of was making sure IDA didn’t fall off the back of the couch.

lady reclining on the back of a couch containing 4 basset hounds








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