dogma pet portraits and Foxy Roxy our Shepherd Chihuahua rescue mutt

Welcome to DOGMA Pet Portraits



Roxy’s alternative aspects

This is Roxy, we exist and thrive as an idea because of her.

She loves us and inspired our slogan “WHERE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BECOMES ART”. She’s a rescue, from Barks of Love, without them and the countless hours they put in we wouldn’t have her and she wouldn’t be alive. She’s also the first larger than life piece of artwork you’ll see when you come to the studio.

We started Dogma Pet Portraits because at Emotion Portrait Studios nearly every time we make a family portrait there’s a dog in it, and over the years we’ve sold as many portraits of dogs as we have of kids. I believe that’s because the way we shoot, in a super relaxed, carefree environment, we are able to capture a dogs personality as easily as that of a child. 

So we switched our brains to address the needs of our four legged friends and their humans. We designed our new Costa Mesa Studio to cater specifically to those families where the dogs are the most important personalities in the home.

As you continue looking through this site, I think you’ll get a great insight to each one of the inspiring dogs featured, and if you do then I’m doing my job.


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