Oscar: Wiener. The cool, calm and collected Dachshund

There’s something about Dacsi’s, they have a presence and dignity that’s way out of step with their physical size. Take Oscar for example, nothing phases him, he’s long for a Dachshund and carries it with absolute aplomb, as if this is the only length to be, after all why would anyone want to be a different length when this length is perfect?

Handsome too, not much of a racer, his one and only outing was notable for how many new friends he was able to make on the way down the track, and this is a guy who’s suitably treat motivated, at the track even german sausage didn’t cut it, he was there to say hello to the crowd.
Oscar the dachshund
He was a pleasure to photograph, done, dusted and wrapped up in 30 minutes.
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