I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue studio visit

Sunday saw the dogs from ICARE Dog Rescue their volunteers and a ton of visitors and prospective adopters descended on the studio. My thanks to all the volunteers that kept me on schedule and helped me get these very cool pictures.

We had a fine spectrum of hounds in house from the sweetest little cocker to a couple of big blind pitties, and there lies the beauty of this organization. How hard can it be to adopt out a fully grown pit bull? Well these guys can tell you. We got through the day without winding anyone up too much and you can see the results in the attached gallery.

One of these guys (the pittie with the piercing eyes) got adopted by a family with one of the biggest bulldogs you’ve ever seen, so that should be an entertaining settling in period, but all the others need a home.


There’s a great opportunity if you want to pick up this sweetest brother and sister pit bull pair, so give them a call or visit them at


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