Dogma on Instagram

Top Left to Right.

  1. TRUMAN the Bichon super Stylish with a healthy public presence and a growing Instagram following in his own right.
  2. GRETA loved and missed by all the peeps at  and
  3. MIKA the beautiful KleeKai Ice Queen
  4. Pitbulls THOR, QUEEN and BLUE, who dragged us all round the studio but made for beautiful images.
  5. GUS what can you say about GUS, the epitome of French Bulldog, lovable bouncy and mischevious
  6. BLITZEN and DONNER from a few years back Donner’s a big boy now and Blitzen’s getting a bit creaky but they can’t be any more loved.
  7. ARI from the GSROC who’s doing our WATCH ME GROW PLAN that’ll see him photographed 6 times throughout his first year, it’s going to be wonderful to see him grow.
  8. RONNIE in the propeller beanie and couldn’t be any cooler, we shot this one when Barks of Love came to the studio a few years back and it’s been in my favorites file ever since.
  9. And finally MATE the cute bundle of Aussie Shepherd fluff to finish the gallery.

    A couple of weeks worth of Instagram posts



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