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All the new dogs at the SOCALBULLDOGRESCUE that we photographed at the studio last week.

From top left to right, most comments from Socalbulldogrescue Instagram page all dogs lovable and in need of forever homes

  1. Today’s Featured Dog is BISCUIT! This gal is just perfection – she gets along with kids, cats and dogs and is just one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. Apply to adopt Biscuit at Can’t adopt? You can donate towards her care and help network her by sharing her! Big thanks to @dogmapetportraits for the amazing pics of Biscuit; visit their page if you want more info on having your own pet photographed by them!
  2. PIXIE
  3. TEXAS Today’s featured dog is TEXAS!!! Many of you remember Texas from when we picked him up from the North Central shelter in Los Angeles and he could barely walk because of how obese he was. We’re happy to report that he’s down to a svelte 59 lbs now and is much more spry and happy! Texas is good with dogs socially, but he tends to get a bit dominant in the home so, he’d be best as an only dog. He’s ok with kids 10 and up and some stairs are ok. We discovered during the photo shoot that he LOVES sprawling out on couches and taking a snooze next to his humans. He’s such a chill and kind dog and it breaks our hearts that a dog this nice isn’t in a home. Apply to adopt Texas at socalbulldogrescue! If you can’t adopt, you can donate towards his care and our other 80+ bulldogs in rescue and you can share his post and help network him.
  5. GUCCI It’s #SOCALBULLDOGRESCUE week at Dogma with all the dogs featured this week up for adoption, so if you fall in love with one then head over to their website and make a #bully very happy. Here’s Gucci, recently rescued as with all the #bulldogs this week, he’s getting all his incoming medical shots and stuff done and will be ready to go soon. He’s bouncy happy and will soon be a picture of bulldog happiness.
  6. EMMA
  7. LOLA B
  8. LOLA
  9. SHREK and FIONA ❤SHREK & FIONA❤ Check out the first of our photos from the amazing @dogmapetportraits photo shoot this past weekend. First up – father and daughter duo, Shrek and Fiona! These two are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh! Available for adoption at! 🐶Can’t adopt? Donate and share!

We also Facebook Live’d the event so you can see all the fun here



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