Fluffy Fifi and the Old Curmudgeon ( a guest post )

That’s me,  Bacci’s the name, and I have a story to tell

Picture this……………..

You’re 60 years old and bit of a curmudgeon, you have the run of a lovely, huge house in the genteel Floral Park District of Santa Ana, you get and give all the love in the world and it’s not to be shared, after all you’ve been around for ages and hey! you deserve all the adoration due you, hhrrummpff.

Well one day, your human, who in your opinion, is far too disposed to bringing in strays, does just that, worse still it happens to be “this stray” that she brings home.

Fluffy Fifi

Fluffy Fifi

Like I said, hhrrummpff!

How annoying is that? What’s worse is she’s flighty, fluffy, happy, pretty and generally lovable, scrubbed up she’s nearly perfect. Particularly if you’re the canine embodiment of Jimmy Cagney and to cap it all you were born on April fools day. At least you came from a recognized breed appropriate Lhasa Apso rescue and had to be searched for, not just dumped over the wall of a neighbor. I seem to remember that they couldn’t drag her out from under the furniture when they first found “her”.

Now about the flighty bit, she was a little wild, and with the arrival of a new little grandhuman her name became “DOWN FIFI” so the grown up human in question thought a attitude correction might be in order, long overdue if you want to know what I think. Well it appears to have been a very successful 60 day boot camp and now we’re maybe even friends. This is where she went for her “therapy” and he’s very good, obviously. Sandman’s Canine Services

She even sits still for photographs these days.

So if you have someone in need of some gentle attitude adjustment go see him.

In the meantime here’s a small gallery of us and our humans. By the way our main human is Sandy DeAngelis of Floral Park fame and seems to sell an awful lot of houses. I think they even call her Realtor of the Year in Seven Gables. Historic Homes


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