Buddy. An L.A. kinda guy!

This is Buddy, recently moved behind the Orange Curtain from the bright lights of L.A. He’s a big gentle teddy bear, and a rescue from a very abusive past. His fur, he has fur not hair, makes you feel like you’re hugging the real thing. Other than Chow we’re not really certain what other genes he has, but whatever it is it makes for a very unique look.

In the video you’ll see Don his human and his adopted sister Kaila, a finely featured and immaculately well behaved Ridgeback. Don’s story of rescuing Buddy is pretty dramatic involving a yell from the street for Don’s help after Buddy was hit by a car, and a 2 mile chase through the streets of L.A. before Buddy collapsed in exhaustion.

Here’s what Don calls Buddy’s prison pic.

Buddy's Prison Picture

He’s come a long way. Buddy at the time was not very trusting of humans. But 2 years later after lots of vet visits and a massive amount of TLC here’s Buddy as happy and gentle as can be. Big sister Kaila has shown Buddy how to play with toys and romp in the park once again, as they end each day sleeping next to each other.
Walt Disney could have made the film. In place of the Disney company here’s our version.


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