ANDI, A beautiful little basset hound rescued from Shanghai (this is why we love the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California)

Per the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California (look at those eyes and give them a call at tel:949 484 9065)

Andi is is barely a year old and is particularly gentle and loving, but still her previous owner did not want her anymore and gave her to someone else. Her ‘new owner’ kept her in a cage and left the cage outside. He said the dog was smelly and “I wouldn’t even allow her in my garage.”

The cage did not have any cover, food or water bowl in it and it was covered in urine and feces. During a biting winter in January she was locked in such a cage looking out to the world for an entire month. A lot of people walked past and a few ladies who volunteer with rescue groups were notified of Andi’s situation and knowing if they didn’t take action she would surely perish. 

Andi was recused, brought to a vet where she was vaccinated, bathed, dewormed and spayed. She already had a litter of puppies, as purebred puppies always bring money to people like her ‘owner’.

Andi’s new friends reached out to Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California for her to start a new life of love and sun. She made the long trip from Shanghai 2 weeks ago and is having a blast in her foster home running around with foster siblings. She is still shy & can be nervous in new situations, but is learning to trust and feel safe.

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