Rescues / Community Involvement

We passionately believe that adopting rescue dogs is the way to go, if you want any particular kind of dog there’s a rescue out there that can help you find one. We’ve got one and when we asked Barks of Love for a German Shepherd / Chiuaua they stepped right up and we got Roxy (that’s not entirely true but…….).

As our commitment to the rescue community and the dogs they serve and save we adopt a rescue every month. Nothing helps get a dog rescued faster from your website than a good portrait. We donate a day at the studio, our time and talent to photograph and re-touch the images which we then donate for immediate posting to help rescue the dogs or for later marketing purposes, calendars, websites, wine labels, postcards etc. We donate a number of free sessions and percentages of subsequent shoots back to the rescue in question.

The studio day can also be used as a fundraiser or “meet and greet your new best friend” event and we often loan the studio space out for evening or special event fundraisers.

In fact through 2012 we raised and donated over $7000 to local rescues and canine causes. Thanks for all your help on that one, our aim is to break the $10 000, mark in 2013.

So here’s a selection of the rescues we’ve photographed and worked with in the past and we’ll endeavor to keep the grid up to date as we work with more rescues over the coming years. The photos taken for dogs from these rescues can be found under our gallery.