For the serious Pug lovers amongst you here’s some pug butts, aren’t they cute?

pug rears

Curly tails and fabulous handmade collars

Seriously check out those collars very cool, here’s some more of these guys and a great expression to brighten your day.

You can see more pugs, pick up these collars and help WHISKEY COLLARS support The United States War Dogs Association by clicking the links.

From the website……..

“When you purchase a product from Whiskey Collars, not only are you investing in something that will last forever but you are also helping to support American heroes. Giving back is very important to Whiskey Collars, and we specifically direct our efforts toward those individuals whose strength and loyalty we find inspiring. Both two-legged and four. That’s why we’re donating a portion of each purchase to the United States War Dogs Association, Chapter 1.

Based in our home state of California, Chapter 1 provides assistance and support service to U.S. Military Working Dog Teams. The United States War Dogs Association Chapter 1 is a nonprofit organization of Former and Current US Military Dog Handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.

Their background in Military War Dog service and their dedication to honoring the memory of the service and sacrifice of the US Military Working Dogs gives them a unique perspective that we can use to educate the public on the history of Military War Dogs”.

Next, I for one want to see a pug jumping from a C-17, spreading love, hugs and cuddles worldwide.

3 pugs

3 pugs

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