A couple of delightful little Charlies

I love shooting Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, so far they’ve always come in pairs, they are super friendly, love to please and most importantly from my point of view, eminently bribable with treats. This keeps them close to the camera and we get really pretty chocolate box shots like this.



These two are particularly sweet, I love the all brown outfit with just a hint of white on her chest, she looks like she’s dressed in a super silky luxe set of flared furry pj’s.


silky pj’s

Both of them were delightful, and yours forever in exchange for a belly rub and some treats.


Steve, Sandy and the girls

Here’s a shot with their humans Sandy and Steve, both of whom work with the McMonigle Group REAL ESTATE’S BEST ADDRESS. Sandy’s here

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Lick of the Month

They even let me in on the act.


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