Family Portraits


Hey, as the images on this page show, we live in a Modern Family world.

The “family” unit is no longer exclusively defined as a married couple with kids, and because that might not define you, it doesn’t mean that your definition of a family unit is not equally valid.

You may be a married couple with a dog who’s kids have moved on, just you and your dog maybe your family unit. You may have made the very sensible and monetarily sound choice not to have kids and life is just peachy for you, your partner and your dogs. You may be part of a same sex couple, married or unmarried with your own pack, still a family. You may have a blended family where you both brought kids and dogs together, all power to you, still a family, just a bit more complicated.

You spotted the constant element though, right?

dogma family photography


Yep, DOGS.

So you might be reading this because you’ve seen the fabulous dog images we are lucky enough to make every working day, but here’s a secret, 95% of our customers buy at least 1 portrait that includes their version of a family portrait.

99% of the wall displays we shoot and sell are family photographs.

So really we specialize in family portraits, just instead of you wondering if you can bring the dog to the family portrait session your dog is wondering whether he or she can bring the rest of his or her pack to the family session. YES, it’s what we do.

Oh and by the way, feel free to leave the rest of the pack wherever they are and just come along, you and your dog. We’ve got two kids, love them to death, but ask us to show you our phone’s lock screens…………..

Some of the best images we’ve ever made are the ones that capture that “Unconditional Love” that goes both ways, might sound a little hokey but scroll through these Family Photography galleries and you’ll see what we mean.