A studio full of Shar Pei’s

Over the weekend we had this fine set of recently rescued (and one princess) Shar Pei’s. We had a bast photographing them all, and we’ll be showing them all to you and telling their stories over the next month or so.


pei people and the shar pei's

pei people and the Shar Pei’s up for rescue except Pricess Bella in white


They came with all the fine folks at the Pei People, Southern California’s Shar Pei rescue, as is usual we are blown away by the amount of time and effort these selfless people put in to keep these dogs alive and well. If you know and love Shar Pei’s then you’ll know that they are no ordinary breed with ordinary issues, they are expensive to own and maintain but judging from these characters it’s all worth it in the end.

Pei People Rescue k

The Pei People are our rescue of the month for November. It’s our way of giving back and supporting the whole community of rescues in Southern California, they get the images to populate blogs, websites or collateral and anyone who adopts or has ever adopted gets a free pet portrait session a great discount and we donate some money back to the rescue.



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