Royal Shar Pei’s, Leo and Bella


leo-faces. A fine looking horse coated boy Sharpei

Did you know? Shar Pei translates to Sand Skin? That Shar Pei’s are one of the oldest breeds of dog? That they were one of the original 4 distinct groups of canine when we domesticated the wolf? That for thousands of years they’ve been guard and fighting dogs? Have guarded Chinese Royalty? Were nearly eradicated as a breed during the Chinese cultural revolution? That the breed was saved by Matgo Law a Hong Kong businessman who, helped by American fanciers smuggled 200 dogs into the US, from which most of the 100,000 or so Shar Pei’s in the US are descended from?

Or that, and it’s my favorite snippet……..

……. the dark mouths of Shar Pei’s and Chow Chow’s were thought to be good for warding off evil spirits.
You do now
Bella baby x 3

Bella a female brush coat sharpei

Meet two fine representatives of the breed, Bella a cream brush coat and her bro’ Leo a horse coat brown dude. Important dogs in their own right because without them her life Sue Allen probably wouldn’t have started the Pei People ( ) and thirty dogs last year alone would have been euthanized. Go support them or like them on face book.
bella looking at you
Bella’s a honey, sweet, beautifully made and friendly. This is what a Shar Pei looks like.

leo looking serious

Leo, has a foot fetish, you can drag him around by his neck skin, you can use him as a doggie scented pillow, but if you touch his feet you better start running. As long as you know that about him, you can get photos like this.
Thanks for coming guys, we look forward to seeing you all the rescue event at the studio on Sunday
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