Blitzen, handsome dude

BLITZEN: A dog photographers dream.

Golden Retriever

Blitzen: Golden Retriever and Handsome Dude

Yes, he’s goofy, he’s young lab. Super handsome as well. Love the tongue and the very classy black birthmark.

The first thing you’ll notice if you visit Blitzen at home in Huntington Beach, is that he’s well loved, here’s the first clue………….

Couldn’t be more loved than this

The second clue is that he has more Facebook friends as most people, many of them are canines themselves, go friend him at

Who knew there was such a thriving Canine Facebook community?

He’s also a regular and very stoic bather, having one at least once a month, with real shampoo too. Our girls love this occasion it’s a great opportunity to get wet on the lawn and have a little doggy bonding. Charlotte, his human, is a very keen documenter of his special occasions for which he regularly dresses for, be it a front lawn birthday special (complete with cakes) to understated Holiday outfits.

When he visited our studio for his portrait session he was very popular boy, and quite happy to sit on the laps of people he’d never met before and he’s a bit big for that, but there’s no curing friendly. Here’s a few more images from his session. Keep an eye out you may see more of him on some very cool upcoming pet products.


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