Gustav, a miracle German Shepherd and a big sweetie

GUSTAV perfect German Shepherd head

To highlight the GSROC Rescue Event at our studio this weekend here’s Gustav

Gustav arrived with the GSROC at the end of December 2010, he was 35lbs had mange, not much fur, open sores, infections inside and out. These people are pretty special, he got rushed to the emergency room with only the best hope that he was going to survive the first night, he spent the next 5 weeks in intensive care. $7000 later he was on the way to recovery and living with Annie, Michael and 3 brother and sister shepherds.


Gustav face on the floor flat out

The first time I met him a couple of moths ago he still had no hair on his tail, now he’s almost full sized, big bouncy and full of life.

On a personal note; I met Ford a big beautiful dog that had been through so much and like Gustav, it’s amazing to me how a dog can go through so much and come out the other end of their ordeals but be the most loving, accepting, gentle creatures you can ever hope to meet.

We love Shepherd here at Dogma Pet Portraits we even have one of our own ( even if she’s a scaled down model), she’s a rescue and we encourage everyone to go this route, even if you really want a pure bred there’s tons of dog specific rescues out there just go find one.

Here’s the flyer for this Memorial Day Event.

Our Rescue of the month for June

Giving Back, Rescue of the Month June


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