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WORRIED THAT YOU HAVE TOO MANY BIG DOGS FOR A GREAT PET PORTRAIT?So if you’ve always wanted to get a great family portrait but you’ve been worried that you have too many dogs to fit into the picture or they might just be too big a handful to photograph here’s a lovely example of how wrong you were. If you could see them all standing you’d notice that they’ve thrown the fact that the dogs only have 14 legs between the 4 of them just to make moving people around even more challenging.

Sometimes it’s fun to do things a little differently, here’s Roxy wildly graphically treated.

Incidentally she came from Barks of Love who just celebrated their 7th anniversary and always need your support. Find them here BOL

Roxy from Dogma

Our little gerhuahua (German Shepherd / Chihuahua) in a funky new way

You should know that these guys are friends of ours and we went to their house for dinner, despite arriving at the back garden entrance unannounced the best Murphy could manage was a sly open of one eye. If he could have talked he’d have told us to take what we wanted but keep the noise down!

However show him a ball or a moving skateboarder and you’ll get all the action you need.

By the way he was rescued by BARKS OF LOVE (who also rescued Roxy)

They”ve always got tons of things going on and it’s their 7th birthday this year so go check out their page and their available dogs IT WORKED FOR US.

click to go there

click here to go there   http://www.barksoflove.org

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We are opening our studio on the weekend of Thanksgiving just for the holiday! Please contact us soon if you would like to make an appointment for a family portrait! We only have 5 openings in total!


I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue came for a rescue Photo shoot recently! They’ve brought a couple of their adorable pit bulls to take their  adoption photos. These dogs are in need of a home right now, and would love to get adopted soon. Please contact I.C.A.R.E. Rescue or us if you have any questions or want more information!

The names of these adorable pups are listed below:

Lala – Brindle female
Mable – Tan and white female
Diesel – Blue and white male
Tootsie – Brown and white female
Sully – white male

We are very excited to announce that Terri Steuben, a well respected animal communicator and author, is back at Dogma for 1 day only on Sept. 21 !! This is a great and rare chance to meet an animal communicator and to understand your dogs in a different way! Come join us at the studio! please call our number for more info.

Animal communicator

We are very happy and thankful to have received so many emails from customers giving us feedbacks and showing us  their display of our work at their homes. We have organized some of these photos to show as an example of how you can use the photos taken in our studio, either in a picture form or canvas form!

Thank you pup parents for showing us such creative and beautiful photos of your home decor!!

It’s the time of the year again! Our Dogma Studio is celebrating Christmas early with a special deal starting in September!! Get prepared for Christmas gifts with our special personalized photos with your pups!!


It’s German Shepherd Rescue Shoot!! The Coastal German Shepherd Rescue came for a visit  recently on our “Rescue Sundays” with a group of German Shepherds! It was such a fun day, photographing each one of them and trying to capture their personalities through the photos to help with their adoption.  All of these Shepherds in the photos are up for adoption, Please visit their website http://www.coastalgsr.org for current status and if you would like to help these adorable dogs to find their forever home.