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AALOC cats photographed at their facility. Need a cat , ADOPT DON’T SHOP at the AALOC

Here’s a set of cats that we photographed on location at the AALOC facility, which was a little challenging and took a couple of attempts to understand what we needed to do to get the shots, but I think we got them in the end. Let me tell you there’s many personalities in that room, but all the felines were beautiful and ready for adoption.


This was a lovely session with a few different generations in the room. I love it when the person who’s driving the family portrait has a great sense of style, here she played off the black and white papillon and made everyone rock the monochrome. It helped that the Papillon was a joy to photograph.

Curious papillon investigates the camera (it might have been the treat of course)


Here’s MISO SHIH TZU the cutest ball of fluff. Fast driver loves his Furrari as you can see from the slideshow, loves his beer to, but not at the same time of course.


first session in his watch me grow plan

MISO CUTE, his first WATCH ME GROW photo session


We are going to love watching this little character grow, a welcome participant in our “WATCH ME GROW” puppy plan, keep coming back to watch him change.


Guess who’s the Boss in this family


I love trying to capture the dynamics within a family and this one is particularly cool because we know exactly who’s boss in this family. I’m enjoying this style of family portrait it has a certain grandiosity to it and will look fantastic printed large and mounted on a wall, possibly the last family portrait you’d ever need? Certainly a perfect capture of a moment in time. Here’s a gallery showing some of the other images we created.

Couple of weeks ago we had BARKS OF LOVE ANIMAL RESCUE in the house for a photoshoot to see if we could help get their dogs rescued with some nice headshots and create some extra awareness for their brand with a FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT. Tons of fun you can watch it if you scroll down.
We had JUST FOOD FOR DOGS stop in share the feed and leave us a fantastic gift basket to offer as a door prize, thanks Dr. Chavez and ARM THE ANIMALS who have supported BOL from the beginning sent us some t-shirts to giveaway.
Special thanks to the SOCAL BULLDOG RESCUE who in the interest of sharing the rescue love also shared the feed, the more people that share the bigger the reach, the more awareness we create and the MORE DOGS WE HELP GET ADOPTED.
The next FACEBOOK LIVE will feature the Costal German Shepherd Rescue who were also on-line with us.
Big thanks to all 7000+ of you that watched and shared and the best news of all BUSTER’S BEEN ADOPTED and let me tell you, he’s landed in butter.






phil bol

Here’s Phil the Heart and Soul of BOL communicating with Franklin

barks of love

Barks of Love Animal Rescue Volunteers, dogs and some Alumni dogs

Here’s Rose the Corgi, a customer of Just Food For Dogs since the start and lucky winner of the gift basket.

ROSE the winner of the JFFD gift basket


facebook live



Tune in comment and share the feed and help us get these dogs adopted. If you do we’ll be picking contributors at random at the end of the event and sending out some prizes donated by two organizations that have supported and have dog rescues at the heart of their company values JUST FOOD FOR DOGS and ARM THE ANIMALS.

We’ll also have the Socal Bulldog Rescue peeps tuning in, we had ton of fun a couple of weeks ago (see posts below) when they had their own portrait day. You can see the show here https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=socal%20bulldog%20rescue

oc hotlist 6 years running

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 WINNERS OF THE OC HOTLIST THANK YOU


Thank you to you all, and special thanks to all of you who voted us the Best Pet Photographer on this year’s OC HOTLIST we appreciate you and your time.

You can check it out here oc.city voter



If you’ve got room in your life for a Snapchatting Bulldog Tuesday here needs a home, contact the Socal Bulldog Rescue for details


social media gone wild

Anyone can Snapchat these days.




socalbulldogrescue bulldogs

All the new dogs at the SOCALBULLDOGRESCUE that we photographed at the studio last week.

From top left to right, most comments from Socalbulldogrescue Instagram page all dogs lovable and in need of forever homes

  1. Today’s Featured Dog is BISCUIT! This gal is just perfection – she gets along with kids, cats and dogs and is just one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. Apply to adopt Biscuit at socalbulldogrescue.org. Can’t adopt? You can donate towards her care and help network her by sharing her! Big thanks to @dogmapetportraits for the amazing pics of Biscuit; visit their page if you want more info on having your own pet photographed by them!
  2. PIXIE
  3. TEXAS Today’s featured dog is TEXAS!!! Many of you remember Texas from when we picked him up from the North Central shelter in Los Angeles and he could barely walk because of how obese he was. We’re happy to report that he’s down to a svelte 59 lbs now and is much more spry and happy! Texas is good with dogs socially, but he tends to get a bit dominant in the home so, he’d be best as an only dog. He’s ok with kids 10 and up and some stairs are ok. We discovered during the photo shoot that he LOVES sprawling out on couches and taking a snooze next to his humans. He’s such a chill and kind dog and it breaks our hearts that a dog this nice isn’t in a home. Apply to adopt Texas at socalbulldogrescue! If you can’t adopt, you can donate towards his care and our other 80+ bulldogs in rescue and you can share his post and help network him.
  5. GUCCI It’s #SOCALBULLDOGRESCUE week at Dogma with all the dogs featured this week up for adoption, so if you fall in love with one then head over to their website and make a #bully very happy. Here’s Gucci, recently rescued as with all the #bulldogs this week, he’s getting all his incoming medical shots and stuff done and will be ready to go soon. He’s bouncy happy and will soon be a picture of bulldog happiness.
  6. EMMA
  7. LOLA B
  8. LOLA
  9. SHREK and FIONA ❤SHREK & FIONA❤ Check out the first of our photos from the amazing @dogmapetportraits photo shoot this past weekend. First up – father and daughter duo, Shrek and Fiona! These two are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh! Available for adoption at socalbulldogrescue.org! 🐶Can’t adopt? Donate and share!

We also Facebook Live’d the event so you can see all the fun here



Some instagram posts in march 2017

Instagram Posts in March

  1. Here’s VINNIE  a brilliant rescue dog that has a hundred tricks including walking on his front paws, he’s from Barks of Love and as usual could use your support.
  2. Couple of pretty Schnausers
  3. Here’s Bentley as the Beast hoping for a Kiss from Emma Watson. In honor of the release of the Beauty and the Beast movie.
  4. A Great Dane nose.
  5. Johnny the Bloodhound, see his video here.
  6. Donner and Blitzen a few years ago, here’s the original post, you’ll love his moms numberplate.
  7. Viking and his ears.
  8. A handsome dude from a couple years back he’s from the GSROC.
  9. Finally KOA who’s a lot bigger these days.

Watch Cullen Grow

This Cullen’s (misc. breed rescue) growing up as documented in our WATCH ME GROW puppy plan

Our new Watch Me Grow plan, 6 mini sessions in your Dog’s first year get’s you loads of social media images to post and brilliant print or album at the end. Lots of fun and a wonderful keepsake as your dog  grows up.



It’s a bit slow loading but worth the 10 second wait



Here’s an alternative version of Cullen’s WATCH ME GROW plan

bulldog being the beast

bentley as the beast

Here’s Bentley dressed as the beast, I think he’s hoping for a kiss from Emma Watson from the Beauty and the Beast movie. I think he might get lucky.

He has the most unlikely poodle siblings but everyone gets along swimmingly


This is ARI a German Shepherd rescue pup from the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County who’s been rescued into a family of German Shepherd fanatics (lucky boy). He’s doing our Watch Me Grow Plan and we’ll be seeing him in the studio 6 times in his first year. I think given the size of those paws we’ll be seeing a huge dog by the end of the year. Stay tuned we’ll share his first year with you all.

german shepherd puppy

ARI not staying’ awake

Top Left to Right.

  1. TRUMAN the Bichon super Stylish with a healthy public presence and a growing Instagram following in his own right.
  2. GRETA loved and missed by all the peeps at http://www.socalbulldogrescue.org  and http://www.vet4healthypet.com
  3. MIKA the beautiful KleeKai Ice Queen
  4. Pitbulls THOR, QUEEN and BLUE, who dragged us all round the studio but made for beautiful images.
  5. GUS what can you say about GUS, the epitome of French Bulldog, lovable bouncy and mischevious
  6. BLITZEN and DONNER from a few years back Donner’s a big boy now and Blitzen’s getting a bit creaky but they can’t be any more loved.
  7. ARI from the GSROC who’s doing our WATCH ME GROW PLAN that’ll see him photographed 6 times throughout his first year, it’s going to be wonderful to see him grow.
  8. RONNIE in the propeller beanie and couldn’t be any cooler, we shot this one when Barks of Love came to the studio a few years back and it’s been in my favorites file ever since.
  9. And finally MATE the cute bundle of Aussie Shepherd fluff to finish the gallery.

    A couple of weeks worth of Instagram posts