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Watch Cullen Grow

This Cullen’s (misc. breed rescue) growing up as documented in our WATCH ME GROW puppy plan

Our new Watch Me Grow plan, 6 mini sessions in your Dog’s first year get’s you loads of social media images to post and brilliant print or album at the end. Lots of fun and a wonderful keepsake as your dog  grows up.



It’s a bit slow loading but worth the 10 second wait



Here’s an alternative version of Cullen’s WATCH ME GROW plan

bulldog being the beast

bentley as the beast

Here’s Bentley dressed as the beast, I think he’s hoping for a kiss from Emma Watson from the Beauty and the Beast movie. I think he might get lucky.

He has the most unlikely poodle siblings but everyone gets along swimmingly


This is ARI a German Shepherd rescue pup from the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County who’s been rescued into a family of German Shepherd fanatics (lucky boy). He’s doing our Watch Me Grow Plan and we’ll be seeing him in the studio 6 times in his first year. I think given the size of those paws we’ll be seeing a huge dog by the end of the year. Stay tuned we’ll share his first year with you all.

german shepherd puppy

ARI not staying’ awake

Top Left to Right.

  1. TRUMAN the Bichon super Stylish with a healthy public presence and a growing Instagram following in his own right.
  2. GRETA loved and missed by all the peeps at http://www.socalbulldogrescue.org  and http://www.vet4healthypet.com
  3. MIKA the beautiful KleeKai Ice Queen
  4. Pitbulls THOR, QUEEN and BLUE, who dragged us all round the studio but made for beautiful images.
  5. GUS what can you say about GUS, the epitome of French Bulldog, lovable bouncy and mischevious
  6. BLITZEN and DONNER from a few years back Donner’s a big boy now and Blitzen’s getting a bit creaky but they can’t be any more loved.
  7. ARI from the GSROC who’s doing our WATCH ME GROW PLAN that’ll see him photographed 6 times throughout his first year, it’s going to be wonderful to see him grow.
  8. RONNIE in the propeller beanie and couldn’t be any cooler, we shot this one when Barks of Love came to the studio a few years back and it’s been in my favorites file ever since.
  9. And finally MATE the cute bundle of Aussie Shepherd fluff to finish the gallery.

    A couple of weeks worth of Instagram posts


TOOK ABOUT AN HOUR TO GET THIS ONE. (the only photoshop was cosmetic),


8 rescue mutt puppies in a row

9 rescue mutt puppies in a row

Here’s a recap of Roxy’s 6 years with us, here’s one in the park in 2012, a bit squished but happy to be with the girls.




Early photo of Roxy with her humans, a bit squished


Here’s one a few years later, Roxyhasn’t aged much but the girls certainly changed.


Less squished but 2 years older


Here’s a few where you can really see her age in her beard, she’s still super calm happy and still chases stuff around as yet is not any slower than she ever was. Probably in her prime or coming into it at 7 or 8 years old, and very loved.


2016 with her halloween costumes inherited from Patch


barks of love

barks of love

This is Kiki at the studio for her Christmas portrait.




Here’s the slideshow.



Kiki came into the studio for her Christmas Portraits and she was a star, she now has a loving home, she’s a fighter and wants to live. She’s come a long way thanks to the SCBR but still needs all the help with medical bills she can get. you can donate directly here https://www.youcaring.com/southern-california-bulldog-rescue-571336#.VzqVnEj5r68.email and click the logo to go though to the rescue site.

scar logo

southern california bulldog rescue

Or you can get one of the coolest t-shirt designs from our friends at Arm the Animals who have brought back the Bulldog with a Knife design as a fundraiser. They’ve got the best t-shirts sweats and tank available and large percentages of everything sold go to rescues such as SCBR

bulldog with knife

arm the animals bulldog with a knife for KIKI

Handsome FB

Sterling staring away in a distinguished fashion

So just before the Holidays we had this very special DUDE in the house, celebrating some exceptional achievements. We’ve loved him since we met him 4 years ago but we had no idea that besides being such a handsome devil he’s so accomplished. His whole Curriculum Vitae is long, but for those in a hurry here’s a highlight precis.

He bears the name of the The Sterling Award For Outstanding Achievement In Therapy”,   created by the national French Bulldog Club of America.

Sterling had a very successful show career and completed his championship when he was 18 months old.

Between 2010 and early 2012, Sterling along with his owner Darlene Abbott had already made more than 50 Hospice visits to assist in end-of-life and palliative care for adult and pediatric patients.

He is certified as a BARK Dog (Beach Animals Reading with Kids). BARK is a volunteer program that encourages children to increase their reading skills and self-confidence by reading aloud to certified therapy dogs

He is one of the first dogs to earn and receive the Therapy Dog (THD) title established by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

In 2015 he progressed to the Distinguished Level and the only French Bulldog to attain this level, which requires more than 400 recorded and verified visits to schools, hospitals, libraries, or nursing homes.




We lots of the members of staff from the Newport Animal Hospital over at the studio to take their pictures for a very dramatic piece of wall art for the Hospital foyer.newport animal hospital


They were great, the humans all behaved as well as their pets and as you can see the piece looks fantastic. If you are looking for an excellent veterinarian in Newport Coast they might be for you.

Here’s the video slideshow

And here’s a gallery of images, you’ve got to love the bulldog that sits like a penguin.

Our latest photos from our photoshoot with the Sachi Rescue!

big bundle of fun

Bernese Mountain Dogs stepping on puppy’s tail


So a couple of weeks ago we posted some of the company dogs from Wags and Wiggles, one of whom was recently on TV being very agile, well this week se are onto a very new member of the pack and her guardian

These guys came into the studio for Lilouette’s first “Puppy’s First Year” project, big bundle of mischievous, non-sleeping, super super cute doginess.

We’ll be shooting her every 2 months for the next year to chart her progress, so check back or go over to Wags and Wiggles to check out the photographs that will soon grace their walls, and spend a few minutes watching the small dogs at play from the window in reception, FUZZ THERAPY gone wild.