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We had this guy in the studio a couple of weeks ago, big gentle giant but he definitely go wherever he wants to.

For the serious Pug lovers amongst you here’s some pug butts, aren’t they cute?

pug rears

Curly tails and fabulous handmade collars

Seriously check out those collars very cool, here’s some more of these guys and a great expression to brighten your day.

You can see more pugs, pick up these collars and help WHISKEY COLLARS support The United States War Dogs Association by clicking the links.

From the website……..

“When you purchase a product from Whiskey Collars, not only are you investing in something that will last forever but you are also helping to support American heroes. Giving back is very important to Whiskey Collars, and we specifically direct our efforts toward those individuals whose strength and loyalty we find inspiring. Both two-legged and four. That’s why we’re donating a portion of each purchase to the United States War Dogs Association, Chapter 1.

Based in our home state of California, Chapter 1 provides assistance and support service to U.S. Military Working Dog Teams. The United States War Dogs Association Chapter 1 is a nonprofit organization of Former and Current US Military Dog Handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.

Their background in Military War Dog service and their dedication to honoring the memory of the service and sacrifice of the US Military Working Dogs gives them a unique perspective that we can use to educate the public on the history of Military War Dogs”.

Next, I for one want to see a pug jumping from a C-17, spreading love, hugs and cuddles worldwide.

3 pugs

3 pugs

We’ll soon be showing you some truly epic “WATCH ME GROW” puppers growing as you watch. For now here’s BRUCE IN A BOX a golden retriever from his first session at 4 weeks. He’s a staff member at JUST FOOD FOR DOGS and the sweetest dude. We put him in the box and he started crying even though he was perfectly free to jump out, so sweet.



Meet KONA world’s greatest ELVIS impersonator and possibly the most loved black lab in the world, unless you know better.

happy black lab kona


I also love the family portrait we made with his mom and dad, the composition is spot on (in my humble opinion).

love this family portrait

kona’s family

wedding proposal in the studio

This was a feel good moment, Mike wanted to surprise Judy and have a record of it. Could we help!

They also bought a beautiful pair of huskies, who were a little mystified with what was going on, but managed all the excitement beautifully.

Focused Huskies being beautiful

Don’t they make a beautiful family?

Recently engaged Husky family

Here’s a lovely little video of Winston the English Bulldog (who’s bit of a ballhound) from the     http://www.socalbulldogrescue.com

Please take 39 seconds and see the dude in action with some fabulous humans, and head on over if a bulldog is what you’ve been looking for.



First Christmas Wishes of 2017

sunset girl

3 months ago we lost Roxy and in turn got a little bit lost ourselves. Sounds a bit silly but she truly was our heart and soul and when she left us she left a hole that’ll probably never get filled, but here we are remembering all the good things. She was and will be for a little while a great mascot for the business and as such is massively memorialized on our studio frontage, she makes the place cool and in her classy little way is now helping us meet new dogs and make new memories for other families.


She was the epitome of a family dog, loved the company of whoever would sit still long enough for her to climb up on, but throughout an evening she’d move between laps and make sure everyone got a little love, and each of us secretly believes that she loved us the best. That thing about unconditional love, that was ROXY, always there to greet us when we got home or at the door to say goodbye on the rare occasion she couldn’t come with us. Here’s Fabi home sick with strep throat or something with ROXY doing her job as she saw it.


She taught us so much, helped us understand how important what we do is and ultimately prompt me to an apology, I didn’t know how much it hurts to lose your heart dog, so to anyone who’s been there, that I’ve not been as sympathetic as I might have been, I’m sorry.

On a happy note here’s a really cool new product that one of our labs has just started offering, super dimensional with a focus on the important part of the picture (photo by Rich Hart BTW). This is the big version there’s some very cool smaller versions that we’ll show you when you get here.

ROXY in a very cool new wall display





We are delighted to have partnered up with Paws Chateau, Huntington Beach’s most beautiful Doggie Daycare and Boarding Facility. We got together with all the staff dogs, shot their portraits and made a very cool display in the reception area, which looks great and has lots of room grow as the boarders come to have their portraits made

Original come to life, staff dogs and the original

If you’re looking to treat your pooch when you have to eave them behind for the weekend you might want to check out the PENTHOUSE SUITE complete with belly rubs and gourmet Bedtime Biscuit.


Three Dachshunds and Four feet, it’s LIVE

BTW the image above comes alive on your phone if you download the LIVE PORTRAIT app from your app store for free, it’s fun if you have a moment, I’ll be posting more LIVE PORTRAITS in the future.

Here’s a lovely Christmas themed family portrait session with three perfectly behaved and very easy to pose Dachshunds. Colors are lovely and everyone looks very happy, I’m particularly proud of the profile shots, below, with more in the gallery. Don’t miss the silly Dachshund shot, it’s a cracker.

3 dachshunds in profile

beautiful pose from 3 wonderfully focused dachshunds

AALOC cats photographed at their facility. Need a cat , ADOPT DON’T SHOP at the AALOC

Here’s a set of cats that we photographed on location at the AALOC facility, which was a little challenging and took a couple of attempts to understand what we needed to do to get the shots, but I think we got them in the end. Let me tell you there’s many personalities in that room, but all the felines were beautiful and ready for adoption.


This was a lovely session with a few different generations in the room. I love it when the person who’s driving the family portrait has a great sense of style, here she played off the black and white papillon and made everyone rock the monochrome. It helped that the Papillon was a joy to photograph.

Curious papillon investigates the camera (it might have been the treat of course)


Here’s MISO SHIH TZU the cutest ball of fluff. Fast driver loves his Furrari as you can see from the slideshow, loves his beer to, but not at the same time of course.


first session in his watch me grow plan

MISO CUTE, his first WATCH ME GROW photo session


We are going to love watching this little character grow, a welcome participant in our “WATCH ME GROW” puppy plan, keep coming back to watch him change.


Guess who’s the Boss in this family


I love trying to capture the dynamics within a family and this one is particularly cool because we know exactly who’s boss in this family. I’m enjoying this style of family portrait it has a certain grandiosity to it and will look fantastic printed large and mounted on a wall, possibly the last family portrait you’d ever need? Certainly a perfect capture of a moment in time. Here’s a gallery showing some of the other images we created.

Couple of weeks ago we had BARKS OF LOVE ANIMAL RESCUE in the house for a photoshoot to see if we could help get their dogs rescued with some nice headshots and create some extra awareness for their brand with a FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT. Tons of fun you can watch it if you scroll down.
We had JUST FOOD FOR DOGS stop in share the feed and leave us a fantastic gift basket to offer as a door prize, thanks Dr. Chavez and ARM THE ANIMALS who have supported BOL from the beginning sent us some t-shirts to giveaway.
Special thanks to the SOCAL BULLDOG RESCUE who in the interest of sharing the rescue love also shared the feed, the more people that share the bigger the reach, the more awareness we create and the MORE DOGS WE HELP GET ADOPTED.
The next FACEBOOK LIVE will feature the Costal German Shepherd Rescue who were also on-line with us.
Big thanks to all 7000+ of you that watched and shared and the best news of all BUSTER’S BEEN ADOPTED and let me tell you, he’s landed in butter.






phil bol

Here’s Phil the Heart and Soul of BOL communicating with Franklin

barks of love

Barks of Love Animal Rescue Volunteers, dogs and some Alumni dogs

Here’s Rose the Corgi, a customer of Just Food For Dogs since the start and lucky winner of the gift basket.

ROSE the winner of the JFFD gift basket


facebook live



Tune in comment and share the feed and help us get these dogs adopted. If you do we’ll be picking contributors at random at the end of the event and sending out some prizes donated by two organizations that have supported and have dog rescues at the heart of their company values JUST FOOD FOR DOGS and ARM THE ANIMALS.

We’ll also have the Socal Bulldog Rescue peeps tuning in, we had ton of fun a couple of weeks ago (see posts below) when they had their own portrait day. You can see the show here https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=socal%20bulldog%20rescue